Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Baaack!

The last time I blogged (before the post about Carole), I was getting ready to spend the entire weekend in my sewing room.  And I did.  And I spent most of last week in there with Carole as well as most of this past weekend as it was very soothing for my raw emotions.  And here's what I got accomplished.........

This is my log cabin quilt.  It's just a little over half-way finished.  It will measure 95 x 95 when it's done.  And that may be a while.  Sometime after Christmas.  Why?  Well because after I got this much done, I kinda got burned out on log cabining and switched gears ....

I felt the need to engage myself in some hand embroidery, so I began work on this lovely baby daygown.  The pattern is "French Daygown" from Grandmother's Hope Chest by Martha Pullen.  The fabric is some lovely Victorian batiste.  I embroidered old fashioned double featherstitch (from Jeannie Baumeister's book) along the pintucks in a cream colored thread to match the batiste and placed a bullion rosebud at the base of each row of pintuck/featherstitching.  Then in the center I used a monogram motif found in the same book as the daygown pattern.  I am getting ready to set in the sleeves and that is something that I hate doing simply because I need the practice to do it well, and so I also look forward to doing it.  I guess that's what you call mixed emotions!  Then I will put on the button plackets for the buttonholes and buttons, put bias facing around the neck, hem it and be done!  I will keep you posted.  It will take another week or so because I also am thinking about some more embroidery down the plackets and around the hem.  Did I say I love to embroider?

So, what are you up to?

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