Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And Sew It Begins.............

I've been working on setting this blog up for a couple of months.  I'd work a little bit and then let it lie.  Then work a little bit more and add some stuff, and then set it aside.  I really was scared to really get going with it, but I have finally decided that now is the time for me to really make an effort to get this bloggy thing going, so ready or not............. HERE I AM!  So, I really need to let all you folks out there in bloggy land know who I am.  I am Prissy and I spend at least a couple of hours every day in my sewing room...... sewing.   This is a picture of where most of the action takes place.  I love to sew. It isn't in this picture, but I now have a basket sitting behind my sewing machine .......... see where those cones of thread are in the picture?  Yes, right there ..... and that is where my kitty Munchkin sits, or lays and naps while I sew.  Sometimes  little mister lazy kitty will hang his head over the side of the basket and watch.  He is my faithful sewing buddy.  Oh and I must not forget this one .....

 This little angel is Alison, another faithful companion.  You'll find her here in this chair which sits next to my sewing machine.  We have a real fun time, me my dog and my cat companions!  Together we do a little quilting and a little heirloom sewing and then just a little plain old sewing.  We have set up a little Etsy store front and between the 3 of us, we try to put a few nice little goodies in it for sale.  You know, just to show hubby that we aren't just holed up in the sewing room having fun ........ we are being PRODUCTIVE! 

I do hope you will visit us here often here in the sewing room.  We will have such fun!

Hugs,  Prissy


  1. Congratulations for taking the plunge and starting your blog. It's very pretty and I love your pets! I found you by reading your comment on Jeannie Baumeister's "OFB" (Old Fashioned Baby) blog. I look forward to seeing some of your sewing projects (and more of your pets!).

  2. Hi Prissy,I had to come over and see your pet post!! Your dog is much better behaved than my Strider!! Best of luck on your Blog.

    Jeannie B.