Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer…


It’s hot here in Missouri!  Really hot!  Yesterday it was 101 degrees with a 112 degree heat index.  I hate heat like that!  I mean…….. it’s just too dang hot to go outside!  There’s just no way you can be comfortable in that kind of heat.  So imagine you were a baby …  You’re saying, “Just a diaper today, Mom!  Please!” …..  but you can’t just go naked!

  Diaper Shirt 001

But then she pulls this out of the drawer!  Sweet little diaper shirt with smocked panels on each side of the front placket.

Diaper Shirt 003        Diaper Shirt 004

The pattern is an old one …… ‘Smocked Diaper Shirt’ by LBJ Designs that I purchased back in 1984 when I was sewing for my soon to be born son.  Now I’m using that same pattern to fill my Grandmother’s hope  chest while I wait for my son’s to decide to shower me with grandchildren!  The smocking pattern is from “Bears and Bows” designed by Gretchen B. Ackerman, probably about the same age as the pattern.    Enjoy!


Hugs,  Prissy

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