Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All Dressed Up!


About a month ago, we welcomed a new baby to our extended family.  As you know, I have no babies to sew for, so what a treat it was to put together a sweet daygown for the new little one.


March 13, 2011 001


I had such fun making this little gown!  The pattern is from Martha Pullen’s “Grandmother’s Hope Chest” and the smocking pattern is from a back issue of Sew Beautiful magazine.  Sorry, I forget the issue, but  I believe it is a Janet Gilbert design.  I hope little Katie Jo enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!


                                  March 13, 2011 002




Hugs,  Prissy


  1. Oh, how precious --- and what a treasured gift it is going to be! :)

  2. I just love your choice of a print for the daygown. My next one will be like this!

  3. hello, just ran across a post of yours on the vintage kenmore board. your work is stunning! great blog

  4. Prissy, your blog is a delight - reminds me of the days when my mother smocked a baby dress for my little sister. I wanted to become a follower of your blog, but you don't have the "app" to do so. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit!

  5. You and Maude have made some beautiful heirlooms. I hope to have a grandchild before too long and I will be pleased if my machine will be as good as Maude. I am looking forward to following your blog.